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J&J International is dedicated to providing highly customized services with a focus on strategic intelligence, competitive intelligence, risk management and market research.

Strategic Intelligence

Strategic thinking is pivotal to growth. We advise on international affairs and politics as well as public policies to generate vision on ongoing trends that might be a game changer to the industry. We believe in empowering business leaders with an inside view of national and international level thinking.

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Competitive Intelligence

Learning what your competitors are doing is also important. We will help you fully analyze the industry and your competitors’ strength and weakness so that you can finally outperform everyone else.

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Risk Management

Anticipate and pre-empt all possible dangers. We help clients develop a foresight to detect potential threats or opportunities in their environments. From financial crisis, poor governance to humanitarian disasters and regional conflict, we relentlessly stay alert to all disruptive factors and help mitigate risks.

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Market Research

We provide key information in terms of the industry you are in. With the team’s consultancy, you will find yourself better aware of the ongoing trend in the industry. Technology, finance, multinational trade, green economy… This service can save tons of your time identifying your targets and direction in the future.

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About Us

J&J International

We are a global consulting firm that helps the most ambitious players make a difference to the world. J&J International will work together with our clients to develop risk management capability and anticipate threats before they even happen. Aim high, achieve huge. With the assistance of our intelligence service, companies can outperform competitors and pioneer in the industry. Staffed with a professional team of experts and analysts, J&J International is more than capable of guiding clients to respond rapidly to unexpected events and dynamic environments.


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"J&J International provided very deep and professional researches that helped me big time. The service is quite informative and the staff is really responsive."

Mary Y.


"I love communicating with J&J group. They are very candid and always point out the weakness and potential threats before you can even notice."

William M.


"...saving a lot of time and money. Really helped the company make a successful transition into a new direction. I guess this is what J&J is truly good at -- information rules."

Scott P.


"If you want the whole picture of the industry, just go to them. Their professionalism and patience surprised me over and over again."

Donald T.


"I'm very satisfied with J&J International's performance during our cooperation. They are made of a bunch of amazing people who show enthusiasm, creativity and capability. We will work with them again

Robert K.

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